On April 26th, Contactica representing Envirohemp did a presentation as a success story in the BBI call.

On this event, organized by CDTI Spain, EUCALIVA  was explained in a general way, emphasizing certain aspects of the presentation of the proposal. As a success case of a project that was successfully selected to be funded by the BBI, EUCALIVA was invited as the event was focused on BBI Annual Work Plan 2018.

During the event, the Annual Work Plan 2018 (AWP 2018), which has a budget of 115 million euros, was presented.

The morning session provided detailed information on this initiative and on all aspects of the 2018 call. During the afternoon, there was a Brokerage event. During the morning session, Contactica did the presentation regarding EUCALIVA and how the process of getting the grant was.

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