First EUCALIVA General Assembly meeting hosted by Grado Zero Innovation in Florence

On 10th and 11th of May, 2018, partners of EUCALIVA met in Florence to have the first General Assemby meeting.

Representatives from Contactica S.L. (Project Coordinator), Biosensor (Italy), Grado Zero Innovation (Italy), Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (Germany), and Tampere University of Technology (Finland) presented the work carried out during the first months of the project.

EUCALIVA partners met throughout the 2-days session to report the progress made during the previous months about the implementation of the project, their work plan for the following months  and to coordinate  next actions among partners during 2018. GZI hosted the meeting in Florence due to being the work package leader of WP1. Contactica and GZI led the meeting. Some issues discussed during the meeting were the collaboration between GZI and TUT, LCA – LCC analysis, dissemination ¬ communication activities and risk management.

CELBI, a Portuguese company primarily engaged in the production and trade of short fibre paper pulp of high quality, from eucalyptus, attended the first day as they will be providing black liquors for the first stage of the project.

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