EUCALIVA project had an article in number 1/2018 of Carbon composite Magazin.

This magazine is the most important magazine for carbon fibre industry in Germany. Since 2017 the “Carbon Composites Magazin” is published in a bilingual version German/English.


This publication was made due to partner STFI

Partner STFI, as part of its dissemination tasks, prepared an article pointing out that this project uses wastes as resources to produce other products. This article can be found in pages 94 – 95 of number 1/2018 of this magazine.

“EUCALIVA is a European research project based on extracting high-purity soluble lignin from the Kraft pulping process (black liquors) and to transform it through different lines, achieving a cost-efficient alternative to today’s petroleum-based carbon fibre raw material for new applications. There are estimated 70 million tons of lignin available from pulping processes worldwide, which are not isolated but burned onsite to provide steam for heat and power production.”

The publication can be found in this link

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